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Generic Quetiapine is the chief therapeutic constituent of seroquel. It is advised to take care of the conditions like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Schizophrenia related to serious psychological situation in which the patient feels tangled thoughts; abnormal experience; and senses things that are false, wrong attitude, etc. Bipolar disorder is a situation in which the patient experience gloominess and recurrent mania attack. Quetiapine help to maintain the balance among the natural chemicals found in the brain and maintain the normal mood.

Why to use generic Quetiapine?

Seroquel is used to manage certain psychological conditions like-

  • schizophrenia,
  • bipolar disorder,
  • Recurrent attack of depression and mania.

Dose and method of administration:

You can take this drug with and without food with water. This medicine is suggest­­e­­­­­d to take via oral route. The suggested doses are-

a)     For the management of the schizophrenia, it is advised to take a tablet of 25 mg two times in a day.

b)    For the management of the major depression, it is advised to take a tablet of 50 mg in a day.

c)     For the management of the bipolar disorder, it is advised to take a tablet of 50 mg two times in a day.

Side effects linked with Quetiapine:

With the medication of Quetiapine you can feel some undesirable effects. These are as follows:

a)    Common side effects:  constipation, g.i.t. distress, blurring of vision, you may experience aridity of mouth; there is chance that patient may add some weight, wooziness.

b)    Serious side effects: agitation; trembling; infectious signs may occur like fever; fluctuations in mood with abnormal thoughts, nervousness; patient feel difficulty while swallowing, etc.

c)     Allergic reactions can also be seen like engorgement in tongue, throat inflammation, etc.

Interactions associated with Quetiapine:

Some drugs that are taken on the side of the medication of Quetiapine can interact to give some good and some bad effects. Drugs that can interact are:

  • Antifungal medications like ketoconazole, voriconazole
  • Antiarrhythmics drugs like quinidine
  • Antibiotics like rifamycin
  • Antipsychotic drugs like methadone
  • Anti-conulsants: Phenytoin, carbamazepine
  • Alcohol

Contraindications of Quetiapine:

Seroquel is contraindicated in certain cases:

  • In case of cardiac disorders, renal or hepatic disorder
  • If the patient is allergic to generic Quetiapine
  • In case the patient is pregnant or a nursing mother

Storage condition for seroquel:

Quetiapine is to be kept at room temperature. Keep the drug at such a place where children and pets cannot reach. Store the drug safely away from direct reach of moisture, light and excess heat.

Precautions of seroquel:

Some points to be kept in mind to before taking seroquel are:

  • If the lady patient is scheduling for conceiving then the baby then take caution.
  • If the patient has any heart disease, stroke problem, etc. precaution should be taken.
  • Patient with liver disorder or prostatic disease.
  • In case you suffer with certain disorder like trouble in inhalation, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, convulsion, glaucoma, or myasthenia gravis, etc.
  • Certain diseases like jaundice or any blood disorder if occurred in past then take care while the medication of the generic Quetiapine.
  • If you experience allergic reactions with the use of seroquel.
  • Avoid the drinking of grape juice.
  • Never do the work that needs the attentiveness like driving or operating machine.

In case if missed dose:

If you missed a dose of seroquel then acquire it as soon as you get recalled but if it is the time for the next dose then exclude it. Track your dosage regimen strictly.

In case of overdose:

Take the dose as per prescription. If you are overdosed then visit the doctor soon. Symptoms of overdosing are vertigo, abnormality in heart beat, stomach spasm, twinge in muscles, seizures, etc. 

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