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Drug interactions:

The listed below drugs may interact with Bendit:

1.Carbamazepine, thiabendazole, cimetidine or a barbiturate like butabarbital, amobarbital, secobarbital, mephobarbital or phenobarbital

2. The risk of Bandit’s side effects may be increased by ciprofloxacin or fluvoxamine

3. The effect of Bendit may be decreased by omeprazole


Suitably, the advised dose is 100 mg/ml, managed intravenously over 30 minutes on Day 1 and 2 of a 28-day cycle (up to 6 cycles) 

Warning & Precautions

1. Doctor consultation suggested if the patient has liver or kidney problems

2. Smoking reduces the effect of the medicine, so doctor must be informed if the patient uses tobacco products

3. Not suitable for patients who are allergic to the medicine or mannitol

4. Patients are advised not to get immunized or vaccinated without consulting the doctor

5. Not suitable for pregnant women (Doctor consultation required)

Side Effects

Hives, itching, rash, peeling or blistering skin; swallowing or difficulty in breathing; swelling of the eyes, arms, tongue, lips, face, hands, ankles, feet or lower legs; shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, chest pain, excessive tiredness or weakness; fever, pale skin, cough, chills or other signs of infection; bruising or unusual bleeding, vomiting, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain or swelling; sores or white patches in the mouth, bad taste in the mouth or difficulty tasting food, dry mouth; loss of appetite, headache, weight loss, depression, anxiety, staying asleep or difficulty falling asleep; bone, back, joint, arm or leg pain, sweating, dry skin, night sweats and pain in the place where medicine may be injected

Symptoms of overdose associated with the medicine may include irregular, rapid or pounding heartbeat, seizures, loss of coordination, tremor, severe drowsiness and difficulty in breathing

Storage : Bendit is a prescription drug and should be used under proper medical guidance and advice.




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